Living in Vancouver With My Dad’s Old Car

My Glorious Vancouver Car

The man, the legend, The loud, The bad And the ugly 1997 Chevy blazer. This car was given to me by my dad because he knew that I was living so far outside of Vancouver that it would be difficult for me to get to work without a car. What really should’ve happened is that this car should have been brought to the dump or scrap yard and gotten rid of in about 2002. With the prices of housing in Vancouver, I didn’t have much choice. To be honest, this vehicle has saved me multiple times for multiple jobs and has been surprisingly reliable for such an old car. Maybe it has something to do with the weather not being quite as bad here in Vancouver as it was in Ottawa. Or maybe not as taxing as how I treated my last car when I was in Hamilton Ontario. The first time I visited Hamilton somebody put a brick through my car window and I had to pay $300 to fix my windshield. Not sure, but I don’t think I’ll be spending much more time over there.

I’ve had a great time in Vancouver with this car. And deathly enjoyed hitting up some music festivals with my crew. The good thing about this vehicle is that once you put the seats down in the back there is enough room for a blowup mattress for two. So it’s really helpful to get out of the sun while still having a window open to make the vehicle cool when going through the 23 day morning hangovers that you experience when going to music festivals. You’re after year I’ve been the one out of my group of friends it’s been relied upon to have the vehicle that gets us to and from the festivals so it would’ve been nice to have a much more reliable vehicle but the Chevy Blazer has worked out so far and become someone at a legend between me and my friends. I’m guessing that it won’t last more than another year but maybe if I get enough money I’ll put some serious work into it and use it shell has a platform for a whole new SUV build within. I have a buddy that does vehicle customizations and he said he was interested in working on it on the side maybe a Sunday afternoon project for both of us to work on to make sure we had the festival mobile ready to rock for many years to come.

Now that I’m moving up positions at work I think it’s expected that I upgrade my vehicle into something more suitable and perhaps professional but honestly I don’t really care I think that this blazer is awesome despite some popular opinion about it. Other than that windshield repair I don’t think that I’ve had many issues over the past few months so I am thankful for that and I don’t think that’s don’t be anything major coming up but you never know with these older vehicles… Right? Don’t jinx it.

Art and My Vancouver Life

Wondering through Vancouver forests

I have been hosting salons lately with as many of my friends, associates, partners and acquaintances as my inner circle can reach. I have been doing this in an attempt to expand each of our horizons when it comes to creative work. It’s nice to have a collective to bounce ideas off, while taking the time to hear and explore each other’s work. This has been a part of an endeavor to discover my new element, the new medium through which I will seek to express myself artistically.

Shipment of wood from Vancouver

I have spent a good part of this year working with wood as a medium. As some of you may have known I am in a phase in my life where the elements of nature have played a keen role in my artistic undertakings. Wood, being one of British Columbia’s greatest, most renewable, sustainable and generally awe-inspiring resources, caught my eye back in March. I was hiking through the interior and could feel a sort of presence in the air, a vibe if you will. One that was waiting to explode in to full force and send out life and energy in all directions possible. I had a feeling it was the trees… speaking through me, sensing my attunement to their cause and utterly shanking me with their urge to branch out and reclaim the space in which they wish to occupy. Their roots, clustered with a banked vitality that is throbbing with potential for growth, a potential that left it’s mark on me. From there I started reclaiming as much and as many and different pieces of lumber and branches and planks that I could leave my mark on, and leave it I did.

Vancouver wall art to be sent away

I did not create this site to showcase my talent but merely to explore the more cerebral side of art. I like to write and with it, connect with those who I’ve inspired and those who are seeking to be inspired. I call upon the lower mainland to join me, join me in my crusade for higher intelligence in art. Please, reach out if you are interested in joining my salon and offer your mind to the table.

Why art has captured my heart and mind

There is something peaceful about art to me. How one gets to narrow in their focus on to a cross-section of another’s creative prowess. It is a viewpoint, that I believe, when nurtured and developed extends quite well to nature and the beings within it. I have come to see the beauty and value in all things through my education in art. An education that has always been a mixed, back and forth process. Between people and my surroundings, the heavens and Earth, tutelage and experience. The artistic process can be infused in to any and all activities. It is merely with a more conscious attitude that the true artistic nature that is innately in all of us may begin to flow and express itself creatively and harmoniously with the surrounding landscape.

I have seen many men work and operate in this world and there is one idea that has been forming in my mind since I was young. The split, the break between our society and the communities it engulfs has always been a hidden source of turmoil to me in this world. The way that our municipalities aim to further business at the cost of the surrounding people, families and overall natural resource and infrastructure we have been given by Mother Nature. Why is worth out while to do away with the integrity of any piece of land for a mere economic gain when it is clear to many that success, fulfillment and peace can be found inside. I believe it is those who look outside to fulfill themselves who have spun this world in to madness. The spinning continues and more and more children get swept up in the craze that is and endless flow of new, exciting and unnatural stimuli. They are unaware of the internal resources being drained. Over the years artists have kept their secrets hidden, hidden or perhaps unbeknownst to themselves. I feel like it is an artists duty not only to create but to share their insight in to the creative approach to living and being in this modern world of technological domination. We must find ways for the minds to flow in conjunction with one another. It is this lack of flow that has people stuck in the mindset of competition and scarcity that is ever consuming the landscape around such unconscious syndicates of business. It is not so much what and when but the why and how that must be considered. As we become solidified in our ways and our minds the pathways of intellect and creativity calcify. We have been leaning on each other too much and too our own detriment. It is now the time to shake things up and do it differently but it is up to each, our own, our individual selves to see this new angle, this new light and act on it accordingly. Lets us change as we create, as the universe would have us.