Art and My Vancouver Life

Wondering through Vancouver forests

I have been hosting salons lately with as many of my friends, associates, partners and acquaintances as my inner circle can reach. I have been doing this in an attempt to expand each of our horizons when it comes to creative work. It’s nice to have a collective to bounce ideas off, while taking the time to hear and explore each other’s work. This has been a part of an endeavor to discover my new element, the new medium through which I will seek to express myself artistically.

Shipment of wood from Vancouver

I have spent a good part of this year working with wood as a medium. As some of you may have known I am in a phase in my life where the elements of nature have played a keen role in my artistic undertakings. Wood, being one of British Columbia’s greatest, most renewable, sustainable and generally awe-inspiring resources, caught my eye back in March. I was hiking through the interior and could feel a sort of presence in the air, a vibe if you will. One that was waiting to explode in to full force and send out life and energy in all directions possible. I had a feeling it was the trees… speaking through me, sensing my attunement to their cause and utterly shanking me with their urge to branch out and reclaim the space in which they wish to occupy. Their roots, clustered with a banked vitality that is throbbing with potential for growth, a potential that left it’s mark on me. From there I started reclaiming as much and as many and different pieces of lumber and branches and planks that I could leave my mark on, and leave it I did.

Vancouver wall art to be sent away

I did not create this site to showcase my talent but merely to explore the more cerebral side of art. I like to write and with it, connect with those who I’ve inspired and those who are seeking to be inspired. I call upon the lower mainland to join me, join me in my crusade for higher intelligence in art. Please, reach out if you are interested in joining my salon and offer your mind to the table.