Why art has captured my heart and mind

There is something peaceful about art to me. How one gets to narrow in their focus on to a cross-section of another’s creative prowess. It is a viewpoint, that I believe, when nurtured and developed extends quite well to nature and the beings within it. I have come to see the beauty and value in all things through my education in art. An education that has always been a mixed, back and forth process. Between people and my surroundings, the heavens and Earth, tutelage and experience. The artistic process can be infused in to any and all activities. It is merely with a more conscious attitude that the true artistic nature that is innately in all of us may begin to flow and express itself creatively and harmoniously with the surrounding landscape.

I have seen many men work and operate in this world and there is one idea that has been forming in my mind since I was young. The split, the break between our society and the communities it engulfs has always been a hidden source of turmoil to me in this world. The way that our municipalities aim to further business at the cost of the surrounding people, families and overall natural resource and infrastructure we have been given by Mother Nature. Why is worth out while to do away with the integrity of any piece of land for a mere economic gain when it is clear to many that success, fulfillment and peace can be found inside. I believe it is those who look outside to fulfill themselves who have spun this world in to madness. The spinning continues and more and more children get swept up in the craze that is and endless flow of new, exciting and unnatural stimuli. They are unaware of the internal resources being drained. Over the years artists have kept their secrets hidden, hidden or perhaps unbeknownst to themselves. I feel like it is an artists duty not only to create but to share their insight in to the creative approach to living and being in this modern world of technological domination. We must find ways for the minds to flow in conjunction with one another. It is this lack of flow that has people stuck in the mindset of competition and scarcity that is ever consuming the landscape around such unconscious syndicates of business. It is not so much what and when but the why and how that must be considered. As we become solidified in our ways and our minds the pathways of intellect and creativity calcify. We have been leaning on each other too much and too our own detriment. It is now the time to shake things up and do it differently but it is up to each, our own, our individual selves to see this new angle, this new light and act on it accordingly. Lets us change as we create, as the universe would have us.